Enable your customers to produce labels, manifests and electronic pre-advice using intelligent web-based shipping management solutions

  • Use our shipping platform

    Provide your customers with simple to use leading edge technology from our web-based SaaS platform so that they can create the correct shipping labels, manifests and customs documentation, track their parcels and automatically send pre-advice files.

  • Integrate your Customers

    On-board customers quickly by seamlessly integrating their despatch operations with your systems without needing to change their business processes. Our integration platform includes secure automated file transfer, web services and a powerful file transformation engine.

  • Simplify international shipping

    Our intelligent systems handle country and regional processing rules, time zones, currency, units of measure, date formats, international character sets and addressing formats, customs documentation, dangerous goods declarations and export invoices.

  • Retain your Customers

    Increase customer retention through seamless and reliable integration. Our Retail Solutions Team will use their industry expertise to analyse your customers’ operations, working with your customer to automate manual processes, remove data duplication and reduce costs.

  • Increase business agility

    Bring new business ideas rapidly to market without the risk and time-delays of custom development; try out a new parcel network, create an omni-channel shipping platform, add a Click & Collect proposition or develop new international partnerships.

  • Only pay for what you use

    Make sure that costs stay in line with your revenues. The NetDespatch SaaS shipping platform is based on a pay-once-per-item business model; is secure and always available; and we continuously invest in innovative technology, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.